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Omori North America has you covered. Literally. Our consumable products compliment every wrapper machine, providing you with an end-to-end solution provider. When you work with Omori, you work with the best.

Omori North America is Your Source for Food Packaging / Wrapping Film

Omori North America takes pride in offering a diverse and extensive line of high-quality films specifically designed for food packaging. Our commitment to excellence and innovation makes us a leading provider of films that ensure the protection of your products and enhance their visual appeal. Explore our comprehensive selection of films and discover how Omori North America can elevate your food packaging solutions.

Omori’s Film Features
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Food grade PVC Stretch film
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MAP film
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PE stretch film
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Pallet wrap stretch film
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Variety of gauges and widths to meet all of your needs
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Mushroom film – designed for the specific needs and requirements of the mushroom industry

Innovative Film Design and Materials

Our food wrapping films boast innovative designs and are crafted from premium materials, providing exceptional clarity and sealing properties. Whether you’re packaging produce or fresh/frozen meat, our films are engineered for optimum protection and presentation.

Sustainable FIlm Solutions

Omori North America prioritizes sustainability. Our food wrapping films incorporate eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your packaging choices align with environmental responsibility without compromising on performance. 

Advanced Sealing Technology

Equipped with advanced sealing technology, our films guarantee secure closure and protection against contaminants. Whether it’s maintaining a tight seal for extended shelf life or preventing leaks, our films are engineered for optimal functionality. 

Let Us Test Your Film

Our packaging equipment is designed to run all different film types. If you’re exploring new, environmentally friendly films, or have a new film that you would like tested, let our team of experts do it for you. Instead of using your own production lines to test new films, our team will run it using real products in our test facility and give you a performance and quality report. It’s our commitment to keeping your packaging lines up and running while we test new materials for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We have answers! Everything you need to know about Omori’s products.

What is the difference between Dri-Loc, Pad-Loc and Multi-Loc pads?


Dri-Loc is poly 2-sides top and bottom; Pad-Loc is poly on top and non-woven on the bottom and the Multi-Loc is non-woven on the top and bottom. All are available in a variety of sizes, colors and absorbencies.

Do you have environmentally sustainable or recyclable options for trays, film, or pads?


We have a variety of environmentally sustainable and recyclable options for all of our customers needs for trays, film, and pads.

What is the function of a pad?


To absorb any liquids that can accumulate in the tray and prevent leakage.

What types of trays can you pad?


We have the capability to pad all types and sizes of meat trays including PS foam, PET, barrier and non-barrier as well as paper fiber trays.

What types of pads do you use?


We us Novipak Pad-Loc, Dri-Loc and Multi-Loc pads. These are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and absorbencies.

What is the lead time required to pre-pad trays?


It depends on the volume, but our normal lead time is 5-10 business days.

Can you pre-pad any tray?


Yes! Omori can apply our innovative pre-padding technology to pad any tray of your choosing. You can pick from an Omori tray or use your existing tray solution and Omori will pre-pad it for you.

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