Omori DW-3500 End-Seal Wrapper.

The DW-3500 End-Seal Wrapper / Stretch Shrink Tray Overwrapper is Perfect for:

Whole Bird

Breast Meat

Leg and Thigh Meat

Wing Meat

Packaging Excellence

Crafted exclusively for the Poultry Industry, the Omori DW-3500 provides your products with a leak-resistant end-seal wrapper complemented by a heat tunnel, ensuring a pristine, tightly wrapped appearance for an appealing product display on the shelf.

Our water recirculation system is environmentally friendly, using as little as one gallon of water per day. The DW-3500 prevents unneeded film waste with precise center seal technology and edge trim collection and fully automatic print registration through mark monitoring.

Experience unparalleled versatility with up to 104 preset product recipes, automatic feed functionality, and a steadfast commitment to safety and reliability. The Omori DW-3500 redefines poultry packaging with efficiency and a commitment to packaging excellence that will make your products stand out on store shelves.

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DW-3500 End-Seal Wrapper / Stretch Shrink Tray Overwrapper Features & Benefits

Leak Resistant End Seals

Completely sealed edges
remove all possibility of
leakage unless punctured.

Water Recirculation System

Machine cooling system uses as little as 1 gallon of water/day resulting in huge savings.

Automatic Print Registration

Computer control assures fully automatic print registration. Precise print registration by mark monitoring function and less film waste.

Center Seal with Edge Trim Collection

Center sealed for a clean look with an edge trim collection system to keep trim waste contained.


With up to 104 preset product recipes, changing from one tray size to another is fast and easy.

Automatic Feed

Automatic feeding system with “on-demand” is a standard feature on 3500 models. “On-demand” means no tray or wrap, reducing product waste.


Our equipment comes with ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) certification and PSSR (Pre-Startup Safety Review).


High quality, long life, and less down time with Omori. Dedicated Service Technicians available 24/7.

DW-3500 End-Seal Wrapper / Stretch Shrink Tray Overwrapper Customizations and Accessories

Hot Water Tunnel

DW-3500 End-Seal Wrapper

Download the DW-3500 End Seal Wrapper Specification Sheet for more information, including exact product dimensions and more!

SpeedUp to 60ppm
Film WidthMax. 700mm
Tray SizeLength: 140-260mm
Width: 200-400mm
Height: 15-60mm
Product HeightUp to 175mm
WeightWrapper: 2,090kg Tunnel: 840kg
Power ConsumptionWrapper: 3 phase, AC208/230/240/480V 11kVA, 60Hz
Tunnel: 3 phase, AC208/230/240/480V 35kVA, 60Hz

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