Omori North America: Ensuring Food Safety with FSSC-22000 Certification.

Our Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Welcome to Omori North America, where our commitment to quality and food safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We are proud to be certified under the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FESC-22000), a globally recognized standard that ensures the highest level of food safety management.

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What is FSSC-22000?

FSSC-22000 is a comprehensive food safety management system certification that encompasses both ISO 22000 and ISO/TS 22002-1 standards. It is designed to provide a framework for effectively managing and ensuring the safety of food products throughout the entire supply chain.

Why FSSC-22000 Matters?

1. Global Recognition

FSSC-22000 is internationally accepted and recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), making it a benchmark for food safety management.

2. Risk-Based Approach

The certification employs a risk-based approach, allowing us to identify and mitigate potential food safety hazards, ensuring the safety of our products.

3. Customer Confidence

FSSC-22000 certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to producing safe and high-quality food packaging products, instilling confidence in our customers and partners.

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